Four Questions To Ask Regarding Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure

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If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale foreclosure lawyer to help you with a foreclosure or foreclosure-related matter, ask lots of questions. By asking questions, you’ll get the information needed to make your best educated decision.

Read on to learn four important questions to ask if you’re facing a foreclosure.

The bank just filed Fort Lauderdale foreclosure papers. How long will I be able to stay in my house?

Most likely, for many years, lawyers of The Herman Law Group have been fighting to protect borrower’s rights. With a proper legal defense and a cooperative client, it likely to take a bank years to complete the foreclosure process.

Years, not weeks, not months. But years.

What If I Just Walk Away?

Have you decided to throw in the towel, maybe you have already filed bankruptcy, or just simply moved? We believe you still would benefit from the counsel and advice of an experienced foreclosure defense attorney. Your lawyer can help make sure the exit terms won’t harm you, and your family, in the long run.

To avoid foreclosure, should I file bankruptcy?

We say no. There are many tools available to prevent the harmful effects of a foreclosure sale, so bankruptcy, with its adverse consequences, should almost never be the first option, but viewed as the last resort

However, if you’ve got a mountain of debt, or there are other mitigating circumstances, then bankruptcy is one tool that could provide relief.

How long do I have to respond to a foreclosure complaint?

20 days. And when you are served, the clock starts immediately ticking.

In the “best case” scenario, you’ll have met with a foreclosure attorney long before you’re served. That way, your legal team can begin their defense preparation, which includes promptly filing your response.

Pro-tip: Failure to respond within 20 days opens up the possibility of default, which impacts your ability to ever defend your foreclosure case forever.

Our Foreclosure Lawyers May

  • Stop or postpone your foreclosure sale date
  • Lower your mortgage payments
  • Lower your principle balance
  • Get you money from your lender
  • Keep you in your property

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